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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Media " President "

Social Media in my opinion had a bigger impact on 2008 election and it will continue to have its greater effects on elections in future too. The most important thing about social media is that it connect a larger number of people most important it make a relation of one person with the social networking site so much that they become dependent on it.
Barack Obama the US president who I can say is the first political man to take full advantage of social media and there after the 2008 election he was named “The Social Media President”. As according to a report given by Heidi Cohen who provides marketing related insights grounded in digital and direct marketing the US president was very intelligent to use the powerful tool of social media in elections. According to the report Barack Obama gives few cues the businesses and senior executive should use in today’s world.

  • ·         Be Transparent: It’s easy to hide behind your computer screen and think public as some amorphous group out there somewhere. The most important thing is to be honest. This requires a healthy dose of your customers and public.
  • ·     Master the ability to tell a story: As the Us president is not only saying these words he actually means it. As during his campaigns Obama doesn’t just read facts to people but he actually created a story around the whole information he wants to convey to people.
  • ·         Be willing to engage in Social Media platform: He was ready to test new ways to communicate to general people. That’s why he says that the businesses should be willing to participate on social media.

 If we see the results from 2008 the same happened in 2012 election in US. Barack Obama is so socially connected with people that it somewhat hard to cut down his votes. In my opinion if the opponents apply the same strategy to defeat him may be In the next elections the results could be different. As I say if in India the Congress is defeated that will only be because of Facebook. The largest number of users of Facebook is in India they are the voters who could be influenced by social media. We already have seen the power of social media so we can’t neglect the fact that it has changed the not only the marketing side but also some other important sides in our society.


  1. I like how you talked about change with the president because i never thought about it that way before. Obama changed the way that the presidents would get in touch with the people and overall that is a real social change because we get constant updates on what is going on and also we can choose to follow or not with these social media sites.

  2. I agree obama did use the advantage of social media to acquire his popularity around the globe thus bringing the likes of billions.

  3. I agree with what you have said Aman. Obama was the first president of the United States to successfully use social media to capture the attention of his citizens and capture the votes of many. This gave him a huge advantage over his competition because he was capturing a huge market that no one else was doing as effectively as Obama was.

  4. your thoughts regarding how Obama used Social media during elections and how he's still using them are totally true. he wouldn't have been this popular if he hadn't used social media at its maximum extent. even now he's connected with his followers through social media and he's taking their advice at every single point.

  5. Obama definitely used Social Media to his advantage. It definitely brought a sense of connection to his campaign, and gave people the ability to stay on top of his endeavors. This aspect of his campaign I find very important in this day and age, as social media is so popular in our culture. If it's the best way for him to get the word out and send a message; it's a worthwhile way to go.

  6. Great thoughts, and I completely agree with them. If Obama hadn't used social media as a part of his campaign it would have been way more difficult for him to win both elections.

  7. Good blog, i do agree that Obama has used social media to expand his fans from other countries.