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Thursday, March 25, 2010

my thoughts

The boy really lost his way,that's the only thing he is left to say..
deep down inside of him there's someone who wants to say that all , who wants to get that all.
he believe in his dreams, he wants to live those dreams but the fact he is not prepared for those dreams.
he wants someone to count on him, someone to feel him
all what he want is not dalliance,but a long span of silence
do all he need is a elixir to transform him and change to a styler
or he need to be the same an tell the world to change for him.
At this time his mind is labyrinthine,get ur head into books dnt waste time
when he had leisure his heart throw all gesture, at times he thinks to text her.
ya this story gotta princess she adventures shes beautiful as everyone susurrous
her attire,her walk,thoughts raising from her mind all are opulent
the boy see's her , ignores her but when he closes his eyes he remembered her redolent,
she was nothing but another beautiful girl,no feelings,no heart,
she's just like all other beauty charts.
still he wants to talk to her stay close to her
the boy is demure in nature cant' find a way to face her,
the girl has eloquence and royalty in her nature,wants a guy who can face her.
her thoughts are fugacious,at times she proves us to be outrageous.
shes at a place where most of them are halcyon
he cant reach her as others advice him to carry on
the boy sit at the same place waiting for a harbinger
who could tell him his near future.
all he wanna do is just make her free
in course he realise her thoughts were deeper then the sea.
she is a princess she is smart her great smile imbue his heart,
her beauty is so refine her heart is so pure like the little creatures under Eartrh cherish
with the petrichor...
the boy is in deep affection shes the one who causes all that attraction
the boy got a serendipity
yes he is in love
yes he is in affection of someone