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Sunday, February 10, 2013

           Social media has increased or decreased the quality of news ? This question is really ironic because in many ways social media is revolutionary and educative but every coin has two faces so there are bad sides of social media too. Social media has given employment opportunity to various number of people and this opportunity is indirectly related to the new and information that is attain by people using social media. A reporter takes an exclusive interview with Barack Obama and he tweeted it on twitter and his 1000 fans sees it . This is one of the example of news running into social media . The era of news is diminishing  now a days and social media is rising up. Its not only about making friends or finding relationships but now it has become advance and people are now kind of depended upon social media.
         When you wake you the first thing you do is check your Facebook status or make a twitte to your twitter account. When there was a snow storm in Oshawa two days ago the information i received was from DC International page that was on Facebook. As I am a student i don't have cable TV at home but i have a mobile which has a data plan so so i checked it out on my cellphone and I was aware of the trouble.
        Cellphone is the one thing every person has and that person will rarely open any news channel for information just type in on YouTube and you will get a weather report or just login to Facebook and the latest news will be on your page.