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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Day

The boy thought for this every day,

But stay and hide this night and day.

He got agog by thinking of this every day,

And decided to reveal them this very day.

For the future the boy is apprehensive,

Wishes to enjoy and live the day he got.

This does not help the boy to make his fate,

Feelings encourage him to make his pain alleviate.

Unaware of the bad world boy's heart is brittle,

In the genuine world he is solving his own riddles.

The girl he is into is conundrum,

Surrounded by stars and their stardom.

The boy was a dolt unknown for his own fault,

Was in a dilemma to make his feelings encapsulate,

If all the thoughts were elicit how they will formulate.

Want to make this day embellish by a gift,

What it could be what could make her mood lift?

This epistle will entice her for happiness,

These flowers were meant for this very day,

To shower all blesses and make her smile stay.

Happy Valentine's day to a special girl,

From a boy who is special in his own world.

Happy Valentine's day ...... :)