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Monday, April 4, 2011


Everyday hope thinks of becoming him,

Every day he commits a usual sin.

What for, he ask same question every day,

Unwittingly he's in same halting place every day.

Why he is doing what he don’t want to be

Why he is seeing what he don’t want to see

The clear the picture the clear we see

Better or worse hope is no unlike as we all could be

He is resolved by his own scars

The truth he wants to be a superstar

Hope is the one hope is they need

With this in heart he nearly succeed

He is valiant he is strong

Still the crowd judges him wrong

He works too hard after hours

Resolved by his own scars

He wants to be a superstar

he is the hope couldn’t be lost

Like tiny leaf under the frost

Hope need some faith to be what he thought

As the leaf need the sun to overcome frost

We all do whatever we opt

Hope is prepared to cross every sort

He is resolved by his own scars

He wants to be a superstar...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lonely stay

He did not like to reveal
What he really feels,
With this grief in him
His memories are all sealed.

He is alone in this day
Don’t like anyone’s close stay.

She will be back some day
Someday when he will built all his dreams,
Someday when he will get all its seems,
Till this day he is alone and departed
Wants to conclude everything he started.

He is alone in this day
Don’t like anyone’s close stay.

There is a friend indeed
She makes him smile
Her love and affection
Joy him for a while.
She is a big o dream
Their hearts flow in different life streams.
She lifts his mood and drops it down
As for a short time she is around,
Everything goes comes around
Plentiful gestures make him surround

But still he is alone in this day
Wants to have a lonely stay

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Day

The boy thought for this every day,

But stay and hide this night and day.

He got agog by thinking of this every day,

And decided to reveal them this very day.

For the future the boy is apprehensive,

Wishes to enjoy and live the day he got.

This does not help the boy to make his fate,

Feelings encourage him to make his pain alleviate.

Unaware of the bad world boy's heart is brittle,

In the genuine world he is solving his own riddles.

The girl he is into is conundrum,

Surrounded by stars and their stardom.

The boy was a dolt unknown for his own fault,

Was in a dilemma to make his feelings encapsulate,

If all the thoughts were elicit how they will formulate.

Want to make this day embellish by a gift,

What it could be what could make her mood lift?

This epistle will entice her for happiness,

These flowers were meant for this very day,

To shower all blesses and make her smile stay.

Happy Valentine's day to a special girl,

From a boy who is special in his own world.

Happy Valentine's day ...... :)